DASOMI is a brand where we concentrate on Plant Stem Cells in our products. All our products' ingredients undergo a fermentation process. 



Growing up in a Korean family who produces base ingredients for many Asian beauty brands, there was limited to no freedom or say in the ingredients we produce, we just followed our clients’ instructions. 
One day our founder Shin was strolling aimlessly in the family winery when she overheard the kitchen ladies talk about how smooth and nice their hands feel, keep in mind that the average age of the kitchen ladies is 53 years old. Shin got curious and confronted the ladies to see for herself and was shocked at how young the hands look and how soft they felt on a group of old ladies. Shin later found out from talking to the kitchen ladies that they don’t use any skincare, they just spend day after day in the kitchen washing rice grains and prepare meals. 
The kitchen ladies put aside the rice water for two reasons (1) water the plants and (2) wash their hands at the end of the day to conserve water. Fascinated by what she saw, Shin took a small tube of the rice water back to her own lab and ran tests on it, the results were even more shocking. The rice water set aside went into the fermentation process due to the constant heat of the kitchen which produced beneficial bacteria and nutrients that are good to the human skin.
With these results, Shin spent three years testing and refining the fermentation process to get rid of any impurities so that the final product will only have the NECESSARY and BENEFICIAL things that are easily absorbed and good for the human skin. 
To this day, Shin and her team of biochemists are working hard everyday to make improvements to their fermentation process that is already ahead of how the skincare industry is producing products now. It sounds weird and not many brands are doing it, but it is the future of skincare.